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My Talking Angela download torrent

My Talking Angela download torrent

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My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela download torrent

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Cats are good and everything, but they can be painful. Their wool is obtained everywhere, they often play food, and they often dig into the chest when you are sleeping.

МийГоворячы Анжела gives you all the advantages that real cats have, without luggage. This is a virtual puzzle game with my speakingTom, where you get food, care, educate, dress and play star Steve Angela, Toma Lubi Angeli. And Angela Valentine.

Felinefrolices with Angela

There are so many things that I say to Angela, let’s join her in several ways. Elements of “virtual” animalswith games include typical things: stroking, feeding, bathing and sleeping Angela. These parts are well treated, but they are not original, and only some of them can be used before you get tired.

Thank you for everything you need to make me talk. Angela. ExistThree mini-fun games: Brick Breaker, Suitcase Tower and Small Racing Tournament (Where you need to put Tetris pieces of pieces according to the grid). Games are easy to choose and play, and very exciting: even if they are zadaduy the fact that your progress is not preserved when you release them.

Yetone interesting part of My Talking Angela is a sticker that you can unlock while working or queuing. Each package contains cartoons a lot of the cartoon you on the album, you can also buy advertisements from other players around the suite. It’s an excellent and unique game feature,which will return you.

One of the features of My Talking Angela requires from young girls, especially the ability to odagagatisya. Angela his mind. You can change her clothes and get new furniture that will change the place. Clothing and items can be purchased with the help of game currency, obtained byAngela’s settings with, or shopping.

Like Talking Angela (and, in fact, all items of Outfit 7 Talking Games), you can make Angela repeat what you say on the microphone in high-speed, beautiful cat audio. You can also save the screen and share the video you received.

Pukhnastka,funny family

My Talking Angela is just playing, suitable for children, even for children. all the different applications are well explained when you start using yoga My Talking Angela, mini-control games are simple, and the menu icon is large and crisp.

When you perform some tasks, the elementsbounce to indicate that it’s time to use them. Example: when you slide the body of Alma, the shower head begins to slide a little to show you that it’s time to wash it off. The most useful way to specify what to do next.

The design of My Talking Angela is sweet and beautiful. Many pinkelements is part of the color scheme, and the characters themselves are bright and full of life. Angela is expressive, and you can decide how she feels with the eyes and the tiny voice that she makes.

Music in grimini is optimistic and quickly gets stuck in the head.

Purrfect – for some

MyTalking Angela, of course, is not for everyone. The task can be monotonous and tedious, and gamers who like a lot of actions should avoid this.

However, for some, especially children, My Talking Angela makes a fun and fun way to learn about caring for pets.


My Talking Angela

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